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Heavy Armor Security Services has been a security industry leader for over two decades. We provide security guard services in the following cities of Texas :

Premium Security Guards Services All Over Texas 24/7 Call Us Now : (281)607-1557

Our security solutions provide maximum protection of your interests whether they be in private security, facility security, event security, security systems or one of many other security guard services we offer. We pride ourselves in customer service and in providing great value. Our management system has been structured to assure that our field operations establish a safe and responsive environment for our clients. Our security guard training keeps our security guards at the top of their game, both is service and in technology.

Our vision is to provide security services that deliver peace of mind. Contact us today to receive your security consultation with one of our skilled and experienced security consultants.

The decision to go with an unarmed guard versus an armed guard can be a tough one. What’s the best way to protect you, your employees, and your business? If you aren’t in a dangerous area or in an industry that needs armed guards you might want to opt for unarmed protection. Unarmed guards provide great protection.

Heavy Armor Security Services provides armed security guard. Our armed guards go through strict training which allows them to carry a weapon and offer a higher level of protection for you, your employees, and your assets. We know how important it is to keep your business safe, and that’s why companies hire us for our armed security guards, to deter criminal activity from happening to your property. Some businesses are a bigger target to crimes and unwanted activity, many times these are the businesses that take advantage of our armed.

All of our Texas armed guards must be U.S. citizens who have passed their firearms training courses. When in a situation where an armed security guard is beneficial, Heavy Armor Security We Guard is your best choice!

Our armed guards are trained and excellent with their firearm. There is no reason to worry about anything when you are guarded by one of Taxes best security guards. Whether it’s life you’re protecting or a material object you’re protecting we will keep you safe.

Security offers and their armed security training.

Heavy Armor Security offers security vehicle patrols with specialty trained security guards, adding increased response time in the event of an incident. Whether you need us to patrol in the morning, afternoon, or late at night, we’re there to keep you and your valuables safe.

Our marked cars are a visible statement that your facility is protected. We make sure that your property is safe! Patrol security service is ideal for establishments covering a large area or that are at increased risk of intrusion. The professional security guards at United Security Services are vigilant, and communicate with other ground teams to make sure your security is a coordinated and assured.

Heavy Armor Security provides fire watch services and meets the needs of any fire department with dedicated, quality security programs that provide full-service solutions and value, all the needs of this unique client base into consideration. From implementation onward, you are assured high-level security services and attention to the specific needs of your environment, with full-service security solutions that are focused on protecting your people, property, and other assets.

Heavy Armor Security Services provides Closed Circuit TV systems to keep you safe even when we are not there. We can install cameras anywhere from your warehouses and storage facilities to your clubs and casinos. There are several benefits of having security cameras installed on your property or place of business. Security cameras will not only keep watch and record what’s happening, but also discourage people from trespassing, vandalizing, stealing, and even burglary.

We provide security guard services in the following.

Premium Security Guards Services All Over Texas 24/7

At Heavy Armor Security Services we can even make it possible to view the camera’s live feed from your computer monitor and smartphone, giving you peace of mind. Along with being able to record the security footage for playback, we can also integrate them into an intercom.

There are several different options when choosing a security camera. From black and white to color and HD, and we even install hidden and infrared cameras. There are countless more options to choose from, and we will be able to customize your security camera installation to best suit you.

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Our Heavy Armor Security Services team never sleeps. We cater to each client providing access to their account manager and a local state of the art Security Guard Dispatch Center 24 – 7. Heavy Armor Security Services recognizes the importance of access and communication. Our quick responsiveness and cutting edge resources are part of the value of our services. Our branch offices, local security dispatch centers, and our corporate headquarters are available to your around the clock.


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