• Why Choose Us?
  • Our Values
  • Our Approach
  • Quality Model

Heavy Armor Security as Your Security Service Provider

As your security service provider, we will ensure that you benefit from our professionalism and experience, resulting in the assurance that your interests are protected.


  • Financial savings at the most economical rates and value added services.
  • No long-term contracts required.
  • Unique in house security training programs and ongoing training daily.
  • Customer service based security officers with training in manners and etiquette.
  • Professional attire, appearance and presentation.
  • Security officers hold certifications in the following:
  • BSIS Guard Card / First Aid / CPR / AED / Firearms / HSC / Tear Gas / Pepper Spray /
  • Baton / Power to Arrest / OSHA / WMD
  • This surpasses all city, state and federal requirements legally with the highest package in insurance and workers comp.
  • Experienced management, best practice leaders with in depth security and safety knowledge.
  • Proven and responsive management structure. Regional teams of experienced and knowledgeable security, safety and management professionals. Members of each team of three are available around the clock to their assigned clients.
  • Security Consultants
  • Field Operations Managers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Local dispatch centers for immediate around the clock response.
  • Customized security procedures / post orders designed by clients and security consultants for security officers.
  • Live Dashboard
  • Live GPS tracking of officers on duty
  • Live digital reports
  • Live checkpoint tour system
  • Real-time notifications
  • GeoFencing
  • Providing free GuardScan systems.
  • Providing marked / unmarked security vehicles, golf carts, seaways and bicycles when needed.
  • Providing equipment when needed: radios, headsets, cell phones, security cameras, binoculars, night vision goggles, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, safety cones, megaphones, metal detectors, security trailers, security booths, trespassing signs, lights and locks.
  • Industry leading Field Supervision.
  • Supervisors hold a minimum of 15 years of security industry experience or police / military backgrounds.
  • Scheduled random visits during each security officer’s shift.
  • Managing security officers around the clock.
  • Industry leading recruiting / background screening process.
  • Industry leading employee retention rate.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to manage our workforce to our clients’ needs providing world class security services. We work to customize our security service programs to deliver personalized security in whatever industry we face. Our security teams are adaptive and responsive assuring the total package when it comes to securing our client’s interests. We never stop educating our teams, elevating them to be the most contemporary and all-around skilled security service providers.

Our Goal

The goal of Heavy Armor Security Services is to identify and eliminate all security issues presented to our collaborative workforce. We work to deliver total protection to businesses, individuals and cities. Delivery of their protection is paramount. By achieving this goal every day we continue to deliver industry leading service.

Quality Security Services

Heavy Armor Security Services embodies care and enthusiasm for the security that we provide. This means enjoying our work and appreciating the people we protect, the difference we can make in the daily comfort of our clients and of communities. We celebrate our successes as a team. It’s our positive attitudes, from our security guards up through our security management team, that is the core of what we are as a security company. Quality security services, communication and dedication to detail is what these attitudes deliver.

Our Values

Our client’s interests are the number one priority. This means we surpass expectations to deliver maximum value in our security services. Our security team, top to bottom, operates with absolute professionalism at all times. We promote respect for all local customs and culture.

We work together. It is a coordinated effort to secure the interests of our clients. Heavy Armor Security Services uses a structured problem solving approach. All options are considered, researched and analyzed. It’s our tireless support within our workforce that sets us to a higher standard of security services.We are wholly dedicated to development and education for our security staff as well as for our clients. We are leaders whose dedication is rewarded by customer satisfaction. This is why Heavy Armor Security Services is more than a security service provider. We are a security resource.

Our Approach to Providing Quality Security Services

Recruiting the Best

Heavy Armor Security Services knows the best way to ensure quality and value is to put the best possible candidates into our security positions. We’ve designed a screening process that is professionally executed and together with our training program helps to produce knowledgeable and reliable staff. We do extensive background checks and our employees are handpicked for character, attitude and personal discipline.

History and Experience

Heavy Armor Security Services began as a private security firm operating from a small sized office in Irvine, Texas. It was by observation of the passion and hard work of the handful of security staff from the start that motivated our growth and expansion. Our foundation built up is attention to customer service. Our experience in many industries has made us capable to deliver top quality security services with value and customer care that has made Heavy Armor Security Services second to none.

Attention to Client Needs

Customer service has been the driving inspiration behind our firm. We are known for commitment to service and we are recognized again and again for superior delivery. Security Insider ranked Heavy Armor Security Services “Highest in Security Service Customer Satisfaction” among Texas based firms eight times in the past nine years.

Every month we measure customer satisfaction with each local branch through telephone surveys, surveying hundreds of our customers. Each branch earns a ranking incentive based on positive customer review.

Communication is Key

Across the state of Texas we utilize every resource at our disposal to ensure smooth internal operations. We are among the state’s largest service providers of security services. Our unrivaled portfolio in every industry has ensured we continue to surpass the changing needs of our customers and deliver quality high value protection.

Heavy Armor Security Services has organized its management structure to optimize communication and performance and enhance responsiveness to our clients’ security needs. Your security interests are our security responsibility and our security team works together in tandem to deliver the security protection expected for the job.

Security Consultants

Security Consultants analyze your security requirements to design your custom security program. Our confidential consultations review the important issues. Our security consultants are available around the clock to address any need. Heavy Armor Security Services takes pride in our consultants’ abilities to meet our client’s needs whatever they may be.

Field Operation Managers

Field Operation Managers are also available 24 – 7 and report to our Security Consultants, assuring proper management of operations day to day. Field Operation Managers direct Field Supervisors, reviewing the incident reports and daily activity reports of security guards. These reports enable our Field Operation Managers to rate our security guards by their performance.

Field Supervisors

Field Supervisors are also available 24 – 7 and are trained to handle the duties of each of their assigned posts. They are armed, able to provide an armed response to an unarmed post quickly. Field Supervisors visit their assigned posts providing our security guards with new rules, regulations, security changes, uniform inspections, and equipment inspections. Should a security guard need to be relieved or replaced, our Field Supervisors are trained and capable to manage any transition.

Security Divisions

Heavy Armor Security Services offers six security divisions. Each security division is trained to their specific security protocols and duties. We make specialists of each division assuring our clients get the best security for their needs. Our security divisions are designed to focus on training qualifications. Your security guards and security agents are monitored by their higher ranks to ensure optimum performance. Our security divisions include Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Patrol Security, Loss Prevention, Event Security, Executive Protection and Bodyguards, and CCTV Systems.